SFR: How to setup email notifications on new voice message

Automatic voice message transcript setup

Log into your SFR account
  • Activate Messagerie vocale option
  • Activate Notification des messages par email
  • Activate Envoi des messages par email
  • Fill input Votre email de contact with your [username]​@​audio2textemail​.com email address.
All set! You'll never miss a voice message again.
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you'll receive your voice messages even when your phone is off or out of reach - ensuring you stay connected with important calls whenever, wherever.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription process?
Each audio file is tested, transcoded, and then transcribed using the Whisper model from the OpenAI API.
How long does it take to get a transcript?
The processing time for your transcript will depend on the length of the audio file. Typically, shorter voice messages can be transcribed quickly using OpenAI speech-to-text API.
What are the maximum file size for transcription?
Note that our transcription service has a file size limit of 20 MB.
Do I need to transform the audio before sending it to my email address?
No, this is not necessary. will automatically transcode your audio file upon receipt into the format expected by the OpenAI API.
Can ChatGPT transcibe audio to text?
Yes, ChatGPT can transcribe audio to text, but there are more specialized AI models specifically designed for this task, such as Whisper. Whisper is a state-of-the-art transcription tool that offers higher accuracy and efficiency in converting audio to text. If you're looking for the best results in audio transcription, Whisper is the ideal choice.
Why transcription over email?
Our email-based automatic transcription service is designed to break down barriers and provide universal access to voice message transcription. By leveraging email as our input and delivery method, we're making it easy to automate and integrate with existing platforms. Since email is an established communication method, it's likely to persist, offering longevity.