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How it works

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When you email a voice message to [username]​@​audio2textemail​.com, we'll automatically transcribe the voice recording and send it directly to your verified email address.
Automate voice messages transcripts: update your mobile voicemail settings
Some mobile phone operators offer the ability to send notifications via email when your answering machine receives a new message.

By adding your [username]​@​audio2textemail​.com email address to these settings, you can automate the transcription process.

If you'd prefer not to receive transcripts for every message, simply forward the message to your [username]​@​audio2textemail​.com email and we'll take care of the rest.
All set! You'll never miss a voice message again.
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you'll receive your voice messages even when your phone is off or out of reach - ensuring you stay connected with important calls whenever, wherever.

What you get


We can transcribe voice messages in over 57 languages, including English, French, German, and many others.
See the full list.


Voice messages can be hard to understand due to the noisy environment the person is calling from, but AI is really good at making out what was said even if there's background noise.


AI can understand and transcript voice messages, much faster than a person! It takes just a few seconds to write down more than a minute of speech.


Our system keeps your emails for 14 days before deleting them. But if you want, you can delete them right away instead!

Our customers: what they say

"Although using a hearing aid, I often struggle to understand my voice messages clearly. But now, with, I'm no longer worried about receiving voice messages!"

Suzanne Laperriere

12 may 2024, by email


for 100 CREDITS

* One credit equals one minute of received audio. Each started minute is fully credited.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription process?
Each audio file is tested, transcoded, and then transcribed using the Whisper model from the OpenAI API.
How long does it take to get a transcript?
The processing time for your transcript will depend on the length of the audio file. Typically, shorter voice messages can be transcribed quickly using OpenAI speech-to-text API.
What are the maximum file size for transcription?
Note that our transcription service has a file size limit of 20 MB.
What is the maximum duration you can transcribe?

We currently have a file size limit of 20MB. Given that most voice messages are encoded with a constant bitrate and a single channel (mono, no stereo), we can calculate the maximum duration of a file using the following equation:

Duration ( seconds ) = File Size ( bits ) Bitrate ( bits/second )

Applying this equation to our 20MB limit and a bitrate of 64 kbps (commonly used by the iPhone recorder app), we arrive at a maximum duration of approximately 43 minutes and 41 seconds. To easily calculate durations for different file sizes and bitrates, you can use our audio duration calculator.

Do I need to transform the audio before sending it to my email address?
No, this is not necessary. will automatically transcode your audio file upon receipt into the format expected by the OpenAI API.
Can ChatGPT transcribe audio to text?
Yes, ChatGPT can transcribe audio to text, but there are more specialized AI models specifically designed for this task, such as Whisper. Whisper is a state-of-the-art transcription tool that offers higher accuracy and efficiency in converting audio to text. If you're looking for the best results in audio transcription, Whisper is the ideal choice.
Why transcription over email?
Our email-based automatic transcription service is designed to break down barriers and provide universal access to voice message transcription. By leveraging email as our input and delivery method, we're making it easy to automate and integrate with existing platforms. Since email is an established communication method, it's likely to persist, offering longevity.